Munich Advanced Philosophy Society

Merely a collection of free thinkers.

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We are dedicated to discourse.

We take nothing for granted and want you to embark with us on a journey through the infinite landscapes of thought and philosophy. Having one of the highest standards for the members of our society you can expect to have your worldview changed at one of our symposions.

Our values


Our members strive to achieve and are defined by excellence in whatever field they have chosen to pursue.


Unified by our desire to go beyond our plethoric fields of study we are diverse in our characters, worldviews and goals.

Up to Date

We apply our thinking to anything including politics and economics. No subject lacks abstraction.


Realizing that we are all faulty products of evolution we also offer support and compassion to our members and every sentient being.

There really is no reason to apply, but your existence can not become any more pointless anyway.

Due to the huge demand we only review applications that contain a concise three page essay on a subject of your choice and motivational text. Time to shine!

This will also be a good exercise as we require every participant to bring an essay about a subject of his choice to every meeting.